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Mandela Legacy Canada

About MLC

Who We Are

Mandela Legacy Canada (MLC), is a not-for-profit organization, formed following Nelson Mandela’s passing in December 2013. MLC is made up of a Board of Directors and a membership of volunteers from all sectors of the community including education, business and labour.

What We Do

We aim to promote the legacy of Nelson Mandela in Canada by initiating and supporting activities in Canada which preserve the memory of Mandela’s life and achievements in bringing freedom and democracy to South Africa and working with groups and institutions in Canada to promote Mandela’s vision of an inclusive society committed to social justice and human rights for all.

Our Values

We respect and value our diversity

We reject all forms of prejudice and discrimination

We stand against oppression, abuse and violence

We seek dignity, justice and equal opportunities for all

We commit to an equitable and inclusive society

Mandela’s Canadian Legacy


Honorary Canadian Citizen

Canada bestowed its highest accolades and honorary citizenship upon Nelson Mandela,  a legendary freedom fighter and a source of inspiration.

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Largest Classroom in Canadian History

In 1998, over 45,000 Canadian school children and their teachers filled the Skydome to pay tribute to the man who championed the end of apartheid.

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Canada Post Stamp Commemoration

Canada Post unveiled a new stamp in January 2015 to commemorate the life of South Africa’s anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela and his relationship with Canada.

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University Avenue Dedication

Former South African president Nelson Mandela was honoured at a street dedication ceremony in downtown Toronto in May 2105.

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  • "The Nelson Mandela walk is a demonstration of the continuing efforts Mandela fought for, such as justice, education, dignity, and equality.He was a man of courage and patience and this walk can remind us all of the steps he took towards achieving freedom for humanity."

    Sharon Joseph

  • "The Urban Alliance on Race Relations believes in a society that is inclusive, equitable and free of racism. We are proud to walk with the Mandela Legacy Committee on the ideals for which Madiba defined".

    Urban Alliance on Race Relations

  • Nelson Mandela exemplified the true meaning of forgiveness and he triumphed over so many overwhelming barriers and set-backs. This is something I place great value on. If we can live our lives with this in mind, and all the positive values he embodied, we will be much better people.

    Nicole Waldron

Sponsors and Supporters

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Our Team



Contact Us

18 Spadina Road, Suite 300. Toronto
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